About Us

TriTraction™ was formed to significantly grow companies by expertly combining three distinct aspects of sales and marketing: Marketing + Systems + Sales = Business Growth!


Marketing is critical to the growth of any company. The TriTraction™ marketing team utilizes all conventional forms of marketing and can provide your company with everything from your logo, to your ads, website, business cards, tradeshow exhibit, SEO, SEM and more. Whether it is moving your company to the top of the search engine rankings, or bringing in more and more leads, TriTraction™ is here to grow your business.


There is an old marketing adage that says; “50% of what a company spends on marketing is a complete waste of money. The problem is that you cannot define which 50%!” TriTraction™ uses multiple systems to ensure that your marketing money is well spent. We track virtually everything so you will know your marketing ROI (Return on Investment) for each channel, every month. Then we adjust accordingly to maximize your marketing ROI throughout the year. No more “random acts of marketing”.


Converting leads to sales is the lifeblood of any company. The sales experts at TriTraction™ will make certain that your company’s sales process, objectives, strategies and tactics are congruent with our current marketing campaigns. We also provide your company with ongoing consulting such as: pricing strategies, sales training, best practices, CRM, scripting, competitive research, hiring, onboarding, compensation plans, forecasting, budgeting and more.

Our Founders:

Jason I. Case

Jason Case, CMO

A digital marketing guru with over a decade of experience specializing in all aspects of internet marketing, web development and growth hacking. In five short years he grew his printing business to an international level and sold it in 2014. Jason also has extensive knowledge creating business systems to streamline your workflow and increase productivity.
Kenneth G. Hasty

Kenneth G. Hasty, CSO

An award-winning salesperson, author, and former Fortune 500 corporate sales & marketing executive. He is an expert in selling, sales process, sales strategies and sales management. Kenneth G. Hasty has been ranked among LinkedIn’s “Top 10” ‘Management Consultant & Sales Coach” profiles and has worked in all 50 states as well as several countries.

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